The SharkChat IRC Network is a armada of professional volunteers that have pooled together resources to provide free chat to users of the Internet.

Each server is ran independently by it's own staff. The network is unified through the Standard Operator Guidelines.

The SharkChat IRC Network makes use of UnrealIRCd and uses Shark Services, a custom written implentation of NickServ and ChanServ. Using these technologies, The SharkChat IRC Network is working to bring IRC into the future by offering new services that others do not.

The SharkChat IRC Network only has two rules for it's users:
- Do not compromise the stability of the network.
- Do not engage in activities that are illegal within the jurisdiction of the server you are connecting to.

IRC Operators abidbe by a Standard Operating Guideline.

The network keeps a minimal operator staff, but encourages users become involved in making the network a better community.


Operated by Preston

Coming Soon!

(Left this world when Core Networks did)

All Servers Support SSL on port 6697 and TLS on port 6667