Quick Reference

The SharkChat IRC Network is a network that is working to bring modern social networking to the world of IRC.

If you haven't already, we recommend viewing our Tutorial Page in getting connected to IRC.

To register your nickname on IRC, type /ns register password email. After that, you can set a profile picture by typing /ns set picture http://url/to/picture.png. You can view your profile by typing /ns info NickName.

If you're using mIRC, you can use a script to automatically identify you upon connecting. Click the Scripts Editor button and paste the following code into the Remote section. You'll want to change out PASSWORD for your actual password.

Another useful bit of code. If you change the YOURNICKNAME to your actually nick, mIRC will flash the message Someone said your name! in the titlebar. This is particularly useful if you leave your client open but want to be alerted when someone is trying to get a hold of you.

Channels are registered in a similar fashion, by typing /cs register #channelname, and profile pictures are set by typing /cs set #channelname http://url/to/picture.png. Your channel can be visited via the web. To get your channel's URL, type in /cs info #channelname. Your channel picture will show up within it's profile page, and whenever people visit it to chat on the web, or whenever it's embedded into your website. For more information visit our Webmasters Section.

Over time, The SharkChat IRC Network will be adding functionality to our services, come and visit us and stay in the loop.